What does your resume say about you?

You need to communicate a strong personal brand in six seconds. That’s how quickly recruiters and hiring managers will use your resume to judge your competence. Your brand should say, “I’m detail oriented,” “I’m current,” “hire me!” If you’ve never had a professional resume writer work on your resume, do you know what message you’re communicating?

Invest in your future earning potential

When your resume works great, you find great work.
And when your resume doesn’t work, you don’t work.

Your resume is the most financially important document you will ever own. A professionally prepared resume is an investment in your future livelihood—it can open doors to more and better job opportunities in less time and with potentially higher earnings. You could leave your financial stability to chance by trying a resume template or one of those template-based resume mills, or you could trust a professional resume writer who knows what she’s doing. You wouldn’t try to install your own pool or perform your own oral surgery, right?

What to expect when working together

You and I will work closely together to craft a resume that best showcases your personality and professional journey, and that suits the work and industry you’re looking for.

  • Warm and fuzzy collaboration from beginning to end
  • Review of your existing resume, if you have one
  • One-on-one communication to clarify and round out your story
  • Comprehensive first draft delivered within one week of obtaining all necessary information
  • Two sets of revisions within 14 days of first draft delivery


I believe in salary transparency. When the value you place on submitting a quality, professionally prepared resume matches the hours I devote to customizing every word, everyone is happy! And every resume is different. That’s why I’ll never sell you more than you need. But here’s what you might expect:

Entry Level Resume: Beginner

Entry Level Resume (Beginner)

0–2 years of professional experience

$100 to $200

Professional resume: intermediate

Professional Resume (Intermediate)

3 or more years of non-supervisory professional experience

$225 to $325

Management resume (advanced)

Management Resume (Advanced)

Managers, supervisors, and team leaders

$275 to $375

Executive resume (expert)

Executive Resume (Expert)

Directors, senior leaders, and C-suite executives

$450 to $550

Technical resume (wizard class)

Technical Resume (Wizard)

Engineers and information technology professionals

$300 to $400

Now before you run off to write your resume yourself (please don’t), a professionally written resume is a long-term marketing investment that can land your next great position faster, earning you more money. And once you get that job, your resume will pay for itself in two or three days.

Resume cost breakdown by daily income

$40,000 $154
$50,000 $192
$60,000 $231
$70,000 $269
$80,000 $308
$90,000 $346
$100,000 $385
$125,000 $481
$150,000 $577
$175,000 $673
$200,000 $769

Is a few days’ wages worth a more successful future?