About Jocelyn Schamber

Writer • Editor • Nerd

Jocelyn Schamber, Geek Queen and Proprietress at Fuzzy Red Pen Copywriting
I’m the one on the right! The big guy on the left is my gift from Jesus.

I’d call myself a sweet gal who is a little offbeat. But what’s more important is . . .

I’m motivated by a heartfelt desire to help you and your business content succeed. That’s why I named my business (Warm and) Fuzzy Red Pen Copywriting & Design. I give my best to each of my clients, to tell the story that gets you noticed in all the right ways. And I won’t stop working until we get there! Some call me a perfectionist, but I call it doing right by you. And being a perfectionist.

Birth of a Grammando

Fuzzy Red Pen Copywriting & Design was born when a humble civilian at a municipal police department devised a heroic plan to clean up the city’s content. For more than a decade, I carried out this public-service mission of government websites and press releases and less embarrassing substitutions for “public,” before I was called to start my own business. Now I am a grammando fighting for the success of fellow individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses all over the world.

A Solution and a Smile

I want to become your trusted ally in TELLING YOUR STORY—working together to give your brand its best voice. We are a team. I will always tell you why I recommend the choices I do, and I will never sell you a service you don’t need. I’m proud to have worked with many of the same clients since my business began; I’m pleased to also call them friends. And I would love to work beside you, too.

Bonus points if you’re also a bit offbeat.

Fun Facts About Jocelyn

  • I am a gamer girl.
  • I don’t like bread.
  • I read A Game of Thrones a decade before winter came to HBO (and I’m super proud of it).
  • I auditioned for Jeopardy! As I also have a personality, I was not selected to film.
  • I live off of Tabasco sauce and Atomic Fireballs. I even chugged a bottle of hot sauce at my wedding. This capsaicin-fueled frenzy spurs sessions of writing perfectionism; no comma splices or typos on my watch, just hot and spicy content made to order every time.