“Jocelyn provides creative writing punch to all my online messages and blogs. She is responsive and gets to learn her clients’ style and preferences. Jocelyn is an upbeat person and is passionate about her work. It shows!”
–K. Guiney, Human Resources Senior Advisor


Shouldn't your business materials all tell the same story, from your website to your business card to your social media profiles? Invite consistency and personality to your brand, whether starting from scratch or refreshing your business image.

After years of no-thank-yous, the applicant with this objective landed the first job she applied for with her Fuzzy Red Pen resume—after we burned this objective with fire.

Hiring managers use your resume to judge your competence. Does your resume say, “I’m careless,” “I’m outdated,” or worse, “I’m unemployable”?

Look professional and on point with the right content on your website, blog, and social media profiles.


Custom WordPress websites, business cards, brochures—design work that reflects your business's personality and intent.

Fuzzy's Recent Ramblings

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Why You Shouldn’t Tell These Lies on Your Resume
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Your LinkedIn Profile Is NOT Your Resume
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If your LinkedIn profile is a cut-and-paste of your resume, you’re missing a huge opportunity to get noticed. It’s a common misconception that a LinkedIn profile is a regurgitated resume with a headshot—bingo-bango and we’re done. Well that’s like saying … Read More